Description of my painting

Some works have more than 100 liters of paint or more, with many kinds of textures. The dyes that are used to make the paints, I also use them a lot, but they are the ones that take longer to dry, with more resins, depending on the effect I want to create. I like the colors to not mix with each other, so that they keep their original color and when they dry, there are these large cracks, which is what makes them stand out. Using different paints together without mixing them is how I play with the different densities of the different paints, being able to create different thicknesses and textures in a reduced space… Each one dries at a different speed, enabling me to work on the parts that are most interesting. There are some works that I have kept working on for 5 years. Depending on the materials, the time varies a lot between them, and with some, you can mold more than others. Mixing crystals with earthen cements and vivid colored paints is a mixture of creation and destruction and healing all at the same time. From the broken and disordered, from the violence of the splatter to the subtlety of the stroke, all mixed up to create harmony.

In all of this, there is a dance of materials where I always like to represent faces. Not always, but very often. Unfinished faces that the viewer, when he sees them in his imagination, he finishes them, giving them shape, if each viewer sees something different from the rest. This is the freedom of figurative abstraction. Suggesting but not showing everything. The search for materials is endless. With paintings of such large size and with the drying so slow, I can only do a few paintings a year, because until they dry, I can’t stop working on them. Now, I only do large format paintings because to work the material well, I need a lot of space, and the feeling I get after working on a painting for so long and to see it dried and hanging is indescribable. One painting that you like a lot of 10 cm x 10 cm can move you a lot, but one that you like a lot and measures 10 meters by 2 meters, the sensation is much more intense. And with a lot of material, with you being the first one to see it, adjusting the lights to play with the shadows of the reliefs… It’s an indescribable sensation.